Event Producers

Make a splash, a powerful statement with an event that will keep your guests thinking about you.  We handle every facet and let you have the accolades.

Video Production

Over 35 years of experience in TV commercials, corporate videos and entertainment production using state-of-the-art equipment and the most talented artists in the business.

Social Media

Sure, selfies are quick and easy.  Have at it.  But don't forget that people use social media to find quality services and goods.  A great public image requires...well, great images!

YouTube & Vimeo

More people watch YouTube and Vimeo than TV anymore.  You can have your own channel...of just your stuff.  It has to look good.  We can improve on your shaky iPhone videos.

Talent Casting

Sometimes you need really good talent to be on your screen, selling your company.  The CEO's neice may be really cute, but can she act?  If not, we search far and wide to find the perfect talent for your video.

Location Scouting

We find the right locations for your project.  Whether it is on a city street, in a mansion, on the river, or on a farm, we know how to secure them, deal with permits and insurance and make great pictures out of them.

Drone Cinematography

Very soon we will be providing aerial imagery.  Soaring above the cities and landscapes capturing 4K footage to enhance any project.

Script Writing

If you've got something to say, but you don't know quite how to say it on screen, we can do that for you.  Whether a commercial, documentary, corporate image piece, or training video, let us help you.


Freelance services include directing, producing, cinematography, location scouting, casting.